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The 10 Most-Frequently Read Articles
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in Occup Environ Med during August 2023 -- updated monthly

These articles have received the most "hits" in Occupational and Environmental Medicine during August 2023.

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1.  Lisa Leung
  Occupational environment and ovarian cancer risk
 Current issue 2023; 80: 489-497.
(In "Workplace")   [Abstract]    
2.  Jessica Strudwick
  Workplace mental health screening: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  2023; 80: 469-484.
(In "Systematic review")   [Abstract]    
3.  Ryan F Hoy
  Prevalence and risk factors for silicosis among a large cohort of stone benchtop industry workers
  2023; 80: 439-446.
(In "Workplace")   [Abstract]    
4.  Charlotte Lambreghts
  Return-to-work interventions for sick-listed employees with burnout: a systematic review
 Current issue 2023; 80: 538-544.
(In "Systematic review")   [Abstract]    
5.  Laura Kurth
  Malignant mesothelioma among US Medicare beneficiaries: incidence, prevalence and therapy, 2016-2019
  2023; 80: 86-92.
(In "Workplace")   [Abstract]    
6.  Leonard H T Go
  Historical shift in pathological type of progressive massive fibrosis among coal miners in the USA
  2023; 80: 425-430.
(In "Workplace")   [Abstract]    
7.  Anu W Turunen
  Cross-sectional associations of different types of nature exposure with psychotropic, antihypertensive and asthma medication
  2023; 80: 111-118.
(In "Environment")   [Abstract]    
8.  Lovise Hammer
  Prospects of returning to work after lumbar spine surgery for patients considering disability pension: a nationwide study based on data from the Norwegian Registry for Spine Surgery
  2023; 80: 447-454.
(In "Workplace")   [Abstract]    
9.  Kota Fukai
  Length of employment in workplaces handling hazardous chemicals and risk of cancer among Japanese men
  2023; 80: 431-438.
(In "Workplace")   [Abstract]    
10.  Alesia M Jung
  Firefighter occupational factors and the risk of preterm birth: results from a survey of women firefighters in the USA
  2023; 80: 77-85.
(In "Workplace")   [Abstract]    

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